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DuckDuckGo’s privacy-centric browser arrives on Mac


DuckDuckGo’s browsing app based on privacy is now available for Mac in its beta version, and the users are required to join a private waitlist to get access to the app. The app, similar to that in mobiles, will use the DuckDuckGo search engine as a default on Mac, thereby, blocking the web tracking websites and apps by burning out the browser history using the Fire button that will avoid the tracking on your device in just one click.

Additionally, the DuckDuckGo browsing app is available with the ability to block the cookie consent that appears as soon as you open any website on your PC or a Mac. According to DuckDuckGo, it will clean the cookie consent appearance in 50 percent of sites that will automatically select the option to reduce the cookies that track your online activities. The company will expand the program with the progressing beta availability as of now, says Allison Goodman, the senior communications manager at DuckDuckGo.   

Moreover, DuckDuckGo’s homepage privacy feed will get access to you as part of this beta availability of the browsing app on Mac. It seems similar to the Privacy Report feature of the Safari Browser, but it is not limited to only showing the number of trackers it has blocked. It rather cuts off the site tracking and even lets you clear the data on your own, one at a time. Also, your content will not be loaded on social media platforms like Facebook. You will rather get the notification that will issue a warning of being tracked and ask you if you want to proceed.

Other benefits of having the DuckDuckGo browsing app include a password manager that exists in the app and is on its way to making an entrance into the mobile app. Also, one can introduce the passwords, history, and bookmarks from other browsers. Additionally, your bookmarks, history, and passwords are stored in the vicinity without letting the company access the information.