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Instagram enables replying to DMs directly from feed


Your Instagram account is soon going to be bulked up with a bunch of new features, including the ability to quickly reply to DMs right from the feed, without having to enter the chats. In this way, you will not lose the stuff you were watching before the DM request arrived on your profile. The other features include the option to share song previews and even carry out polls in group chats. 

According to Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri, the feature is coming into effect with an intention to primarily focus on messaging, he said in a video posted in December end. He says that messaging being the primary communication method for people at present, and needs to be taken care of by Instagram.

Also, the new song preview feature will enables you listen to a 30-seconds long audio track that Instagram is bringing for you with the incorporations of Apple and Amazon’s music streaming services. The list may elongate further with the addition of Spotify. Another feature includes the accessibility of a new menu through your Instagram main feed that will allow you to reshare any post among up to four of your friends. 

Moreover, Instagram got equipped with other features that include the cross-compatibility between Instagram and Facebook messengers, the one that has already been implemented and accepted by the users. Also, the Instagram inbox features the profile pictures of the people currently online, similar to that in Facebook messenger. The option to conduct polls in group chats and shortcuts to send chats silently by typing “@silent.”

The features mentioned above have been rolled out all over the world, while the music sharing feature released on March 31st. Meanwhile some of the features, including @silent, polls, or show who’s active at the top of your inbox, will not be available for the European users due to European laws, says Instagram’s Christine Pai.